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Warehouse at USA
Warehouse address for receiving mail (Delaware):
41B Germay DR Wilmington, DE 19804 United States
Work hours:
Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 19:00 EST * Days off: Sat, Sun EST - Eastern Standard Time. Lag behind MSC (Moscow) time is 8 hours.
Online Chat Support
Work hours
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moscow time
+1 (302) 669-1014
Mon-Fri on weekdays | Days off: Sat, Sun
For Private Individuals
Request for a specific packagel
Email: help@usapostline.com When contacting, please indicate your identification number (Rxxxxx) and the track number of the package.
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USApostline group at: VK, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
For Partners
For matters concerning cooperation with companies and stores, Individual entrepreneurs / legal entities email us at:
Fraud Report:
If you want to report incidents of fraud by Usapostline customers, please contact us by email: antifraud@usapostline.com
Legal Address at US
Company Name:
USAPOSTLINE LLC Legal Address: 919N. Market Street, Suite 950 Wilmington, DE 19801 United States (NO P.O. BOXES)
Services offered / Fulfillment:
Services offered / Fulfillment: packaging, sorting, consolidation, storage of goods in a warehouse, logistics and delivery of goods from USA to any point in the world.
Legal Address at Russia
Company Name
LLC «Cargo Group» Legal Address: 2 Privolnaya, building 1, office G15, Moscow, Russia
Services offered:
Collection and processing of personal data for the purposes of express delivery of goods to the Russian Federation. Registration number in Roskomnadzor: 77-17-007306