Stop Fraud

Who we are and what we do

USApostline LLC brings international buyers and US sellers closer together by providing a secure location and expert handling and shipping operations:

• acceptance

• automated warehousing

• value-added services

• pick and pack

• consolidation

• dispatch to a carrier of choice


Zero tolerance policy for fraud

Here at we have a zero tolerance policy for fraud. We serve the interests of responsible buyers and sellers and try to discourage any suspicious or malevolent activity.

If you are a credit-card holder who noticed an unauthorized transaction, please contact your bank and the seller immediately.

If you are a seller, please report potential fraud by sending us an email with your information to

Make sure to include the suite number and name of the buyer, tracking number (if the purchase has been shipped to our facility) and your contact info including the phone number you can be reached at.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your cooperation!


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